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The text is for questions 1-4.
the father and his son
a father had a family of sons who were always
fighting. he had no luck trying to stop their argu-
ments with words, so he decided to teach them a
he told his sons to bring him a bunch of sticks.
he took the sticks and gave them to his eldest son
and asked him to break them. the eldest son tried
with all his strength, but was not able to do it. the
other sons tried and were also unsuccessful.
the father said 'my sons, if you are of one mind
and unite to assist each other, you will be like these
sticks together, but if you are divided among your-
selves, you will be broken as easily as a single stick.
1. what were always two boys doing in the family?
a. they were always learning a lesson.
b. they were always fighting.
c. they were always breaking a bunch of
d. they were always sleeping.
were they able to break a bunch of sticks?
a. yes, they were.
b. yes, they are.
c. no, they weren't.
d. no, they wasn't.
3. what is the social value that we can learn from
the story above?
a. father has a right to educated their sons
b. the oldest son has a great responsibility
with his family.
c. father must earn money to full fill their
son's need.
d. we must keep unity and live peacefully.
4. which of the following words is the synonym
of unsuccessful?
a. succeed c. fail
b. achieve
d. get

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The text is for questions 1-4.
the father and his son
a father had a family of sons who we...


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