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What did the mouse do to prove his words?
he would never forget the lion.
5. he tried hard to the lion free.
he ran up and down upon the lion.
d. he asked for apology to king of the beast.
pardon me, o king, 'cried the little mouse.
paragraph 2)
the word me refers to
2 the lion
b. the hunter
the king
d. the mouse
i can drive, i often ask my brother to drive
me to the city.
a. since
b. when
c. because
d. although
10. the director was very happy the actor's suc-
cess in getting award.
a. because
b. because of
c. in spite of
d. due

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What did the mouse do to prove his words?
he would never forget the lion.
5. he tried har...


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