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julia : we need onions, salt, and some pepper.
a. what are the procedures?
b. what ingredients to cook?
what are we need?
d. what ingredients do we need?
mrs. ruth :
mrs. melanie: we need a glass of milk.
a. how many milk do we need?
b. how many milks do we need?
c. how much milk do we need?
d. how much milks do we need?
8. could you cut the tomato than that?
a. quickly c. the most quickly
b. more quickly d. quicker
9. i'm full now. i my lunch.
a. had
c. am having
b. have had d. have
10. mrs. yuniar : this is my personal library.
a. wow! how big it is!
b. wow! this is a library.
c. wow! is this yours?
d. wow! is it a library?
11. in the library when suddenly people
shouting in the street.
a. wrote - began
were reading - began
were reading - were beginning
d. wrote -- were beginning
12. i wonder what this time next year.
2. will be doing c do
b. am doing
d have done
13. mr. rahmad driving along the bridge for
about ten minutes when the machine broke.
a was
d. has been
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julia : we need onions, salt, and some pepper.
a. what are the procedures?


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