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Ijma' dan qiyas boleh dipakai atau tidak​

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Ii. do the following tasks creatively! task 1read the text below carefully then underline the prepositional phrase you find! ampera bridgeampera bridge is a vertical-lift bridge in palembangcity, south sumatra, indonesia, which is the landmarkof the city. it connects seberang ulu and seberang ilir,two regions of palembang. it can no longer be openedto allow ships to pass.the bridge was planned during the era ofindonesia's first president, who wanted a bridge thatcould open and be a match for london's tower bridge.for a few years after it was opened, the center spancould be lifted at a speed of approximately 10 metersper minute to allow ships of up to 44.5m in height topass underneath. however this only occurred a few times, and after 1970 it could no longer beopened. the official reason for this was that the 30 minutes needed to rise the bridge was wastingtime, and that in any case the silting of the river had made it impassable for large ships. however,according to architect wiratman, who acted as a consultant before the construction, the design ofthe bridge was awed from the outset because of the soft mud on which it was built. the ballastweights needed to balance the weight of the bridge were removed in 1990 to prevent possibleaccidents where they to fall. however, behind its past stories which can be considered as a notwell-formed bridge, ampera bridge is still interesting enough for the visitors to seetask 2answer the questions based on task 1 verbally! 1. what is the kind of the text? 2. what is ampera bridge? 3. where is it located at? 4. who wanted the ampera bridge to be opened and be a match for london's tower bridge? 5. when was the bridge closed for ships to pass? task 3make 10 sentences using prepositional phrase! ​
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Buat satu dialog yang didalamnya ada ungkapan tawaran dan saran / ajakan
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Contoh kalimat descriptive tentang ular . tpi jgn liat digoogle , nanti ketauan . tlong yach
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Ijma' dan qiyas boleh dipakai atau tidak​...


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