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your friend is going to take an exam, so you can
wish him/her
a. have a good time.
b. have a nice day.
c. enjoy yourself.
good luck!
your friend is going to play in the final of tennis
championship, so you can wish him/her by the
following expressions, except
a. best of luck.
b. good luck, buddy.
c. wish you a happy day.
d. hope you'll win the game.
41. tumbuhnya bu
di atas kepala putik dll
o vang dihasilkarl
ilan serbuk
i am going to learn how to drive a car. it means
a. i will to learn how to drive.
b. i will learn how to drive.
c. i can be learn how to drive.
d. i could learn to drive.
9. zita : mom, what is your planning
about father's birthday?
ms. alya : i'm planning to give him a sur-
prise party
from the dialog, we know that mrs. alya shows
a. surprise
b. gratitude
c. expectation
d. intention
10. a: i heard you won the game.
b: i did.
b: you
the suitable expression to complete the conver-
a. really?
b. it was good.
i love it.
d. well done!

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1. why does beni apologize to udin? 2.who forgot to bring the sports shirt? 3. you can bring it tomorrow "theunderlined word refers to4.does udin forgive beni? 5.does udin only have one sports shirt? ​
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People in their housea. there isb. there are​
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Apakah Anda tahu jawaban yang benar?
your friend is going to take an exam, so you can
wish him/her
a. have a good time....


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