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1. when you want to get someone's attention, you will say
2. when you want to check someone's understanding, you will say
3. a: wow your picture is amazing!
4. when you give your opinion, you will say
5. when you ask someone's opinion, you will say
6. a: what's your opinion about the novel?
b: the novel is very good.
7. when you show your appreciation of something, you will say
8. mother : you got a good score. excellent! that's my girl!
rina : ..
9. a polite remark that you say to someone to show that you like their appearance, appreciate their
qualities, or approve of what they have done is definition a
10. a: he is a lazy boy. don't you think so?
b: yes, i ​

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Apa sinonim kata besar, diduduki, cadangan
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You wish for good luck on your friend, liza, she has been become the best member of scout in your school soalnya : buatlah dialog dari pertanyaan di atas plisss bantu kak
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Read the following text for questions number 6 to 10! my mother likes cooking everyday. she has a restaurant on the center of the town. she cooks padang food. the food ia really delicious. there are many consumers visit it. the price is not expensive. consumers really enjoy the food there. questions: 6.) what does the writer's mother like to do everyday? 7.) where is the restaurant located? 8.) how about the food's taste? 9.) how about the food's price? 10.) are there many consumers visit it? #plisss bantuin jawab besok dikumpulin
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Ka.. boleh tanya? ini yang nomor 2, gimana jawabnya?
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1. when you want to get someone's attention, you will say
2. when you want to check someone's...


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